AirFPV is a brand by Qoptars Private Limited

Intelligent Design

We design & manufacture drones in-house for Quality Control & to serve the best product.


Safety powered by Ai

Ai powered vision sensors with onboard integrated GPU and NPU for extra layers of safety.

About Us

Qoptars Private Limited is a Drone assembly startup focused on intelligently designed, High performance drones to take you further and higher, empowering you to do more than you ever imagined possible with a Drone. 

Never-Ending innovation in the Drone industry has given Qoptars a unique ability to develop and bring outstanding products to market that serve the needs of professional aerial videography, Insight & Survey. Qoptars private limited is passionate about pushing the envelope technologically in order to provide our customers with the tools to run aerial operation with efficiency.

AirFPV is our brand under which FPV drones are being sold but all the transactions are being done through Qoptars Private Limited.